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Street trees do more than beautify our City and create community pride. Street trees have been scientifically proven to: save energy by reduce heating or cooling costs for buildings they cover calm traffic clean air filter dust absorb sound cool area under tree and absorb humidity provide habitats for birds, mammals and insects

Parks staff select street trees based on established research to ensure the trees are viable without damaging public or private property and are resilient to disease and pests. Street trees generally have the following characteristics: Small to medium size (20 – 35 feet at maturity) Raised crown to provide maximum clearance between the sidewalk and lower branches Non-aggressive root systems Growth habits that are compatible with streetscapes (i.e. trees with upright growth habits are used in narrow spaces) Ornamental characteristics (i.e. bark, fall colour, flowers, etc.) that enhance the neighbourhood.


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East of Sixth Street
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Jul 27, 2021
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