Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is open data?

A: Open data is information made freely available by cities and provinces which details various aspects of their infrastructure.

Q: Why should data be open?

A: Government collects and holds a large volume of different types of data which in most instances can, by law, be publicly released. This data can be a valuable resource if it is made available publicly. Releasing data increases government transparency, promotes economic and business development opportunities, contributes to informed labour market decisions, leads to improved government effectiveness and efficiency, and allows for broader participation in the work and direction of government.

Q: Who will use open data?

A: Open data will be available to any interested user. We expect it will be of particular interest to researchers, academics, students, and businesspeople who want to access, use, and reuse it for innovation and making informed decisions.

Q: How can I view the data?

A: We offer the data in many formats.